SOSvolaris is a cloud-based safety platform for professionals

SOSvolaris is a cloud based safety platform. The platform is designed for professionals such as lone workers and professionals whom may be confronted with aggression and other risks. Use your own device or the SOSvolaris safety app to raise alarms. Make scenarios to determine automated actions in various events. Such as an alarm, entering or leaving a geofence or an empty battery.

Connect your device or use the SOSvolaris app

Connect your own personal alarm device or use the SOSvolaris saftey app for iOS and Android smartphones. The platform supports a variety of lone worker safety devices from multiple manufacturers such as TWIG and Teletonika.

Use your devices to generate an alarm, receive messages and tracking.

What you can do:

Create scenarios for automated alarm response processes

Create a scenario that will be triggered on an alarm or using a quick button on one of your devices. You can choose different triggers to start a scenario. Such as different alarm types, entering or leaving zones, charger (dis)connected and more. Automatically trigger multiple actions. Such as sending a text message or push notification to app users.

Examples of scenarios:

  • Send a text message to mobile phones on a man down alarm
  • Send a message to other devices on a SOS alarm
  • Send messages to device on entering a geofence
  • Call Webhook (API) on alarm

Manage your devices and services from the cloud

The supported products are fully integrated in the platform. This means that you don’t need any cable to connect the device to our platform or configure its settings. Deploy and manage any device using your web browser. Configure device settings from the cloud. Even when the device is powered off. Configurations will be queued and sent when the device is powered on. Configuration can be sent to more devices at once. This makes deploying and managing many devices a piece of cake!

Real-time insights from your web browser

All alarms and locations will be sent to the SOSvolaris platform. From your web browser you can see all locations and alarms in real time. This makes it possible to see which emergency responders or coworkers are present. You can easily generate reports and download them as a spreadsheet. These reports can be used for risk assessments and evaluations.

Processed events by SOSvolaris:

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